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What to expect with our Buildforce Marketplace as a Tradesperson

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Now that you have a better understanding of what Buildforce is, let us take you through the next steps of your journey with us. We will provide guidance and support as you move from downloading the Buildforce app to growing with our contractor partners.

At Buildforce, we strive to offer the highest quality of support and services during every step of your journey. No matter what project you are working on, our team looks forward to providing you with a successful and effortless experience πŸ€—

From the start of your relationship with us to the final punch list, we will be with you every πŸ‘£ step of the way.

Your Buildforce Journey

πŸ“² Download the Buildforce App

The first step to starting with us is downloading the Buildforce app. We exist to help create better careers for tradespeople in the construction space.

The Buildforce app is available for Android and iOS devices, so downloading it to your device of choice should be simple. Download our Buildforce app today to get started on your new career journey.

πŸ… Complete your Profile

Did you know that hundreds of contractor partners can see πŸ‘€ your profile to send you direct job offers? In order to guarantee the best jobs, please make sure that your profile is up to date.

We recommend that you include your last three employments under the work history, upload a picture of any licenses and certifications, and complete your background check. Once you complete your profile, please schedule a phone interview directly in the app.

πŸ—£οΈ Interview

After scheduling an interview, you will receive a confirmation from Buildforce. No need to travel anywhere; we will give you a call! Interviews typically last about 30 minutes, and we will use your Buildforce profile to guide our conversation.

Please ensure your Buildforce profile is ready for the interview and get amped to talk as much as possible about your experience in your trade. Following the interview, you can explore and apply for jobs near you!

The Buildforce application provides the perfect tool to quickly search and apply for job opportunities that best suit your criteria. As transparency is one of our core values, you can search all jobs available in the app without even having to call in. With our easy-to-use platform, we simplify the process of job searching and improve the prospects of securing a rewarding new role.

Turning on your availability in the app increases visibility to contractors. Once you let us know in the mobile app that you are available for work, your profile will be placed in front of contractors. Applying for jobs through the Buildforce mobile app involves a process of review, withdrawal, and decline, with a candidate receiving a job offer. We would recommend that you respond to job offers within 24 hours.

πŸ‘· Your First Job

Congrats on accepting your offer with Buildforce! Our goal is to prepare you for your first day of employment by reviewing our policies, procedures, and expectations of Buildforce. A member of our Buildforce Support team will walk you through everything you need, including any required PPE, before arriving on your first job site.

It is important that you arrive at the work site on time. Please make sure to clock in and out using the Buildforce app for convenience and accuracy. Also, we would like to ask you to work cooperatively and build relationships with your Foreman and work colleagues.

πŸš€ Growing with Buildforce

At Buildforce, we understand that gaining experience is essential for professional growth. That's why we are committed to providing consistent work opportunities and ongoing learning and development opportunities. In the All-Star Program, we offer a VIP-like experience by recognizing you for your reliability, dependability, and excellent performance on-site.

Our priority is to help our tradespeople in any way we can. We do our best to offer fair wages, two-way dialogue on safety issues, and even full-time employment with our contractor partners. As an additional benefit, we are proud to provide some paid holidays, comprehensive medical benefits, and a dedicated support team to all our employees.

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Still Have Questions?

Don't Worry! Our Buildforce Support team is here to help!

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