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Buildforce PPE Policy

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At Buildforce, we are committed to the safety 🦺 of all workers. When onboarding with Buildforce, we ensure that all tradespeople have the necessary PPE before their first day on site.

While PPE may be seen as mundane and not glamorous, we take it very seriously. We proudly embrace the "Safety First" ethos and strive to provide our workers with the best PPE and safety equipment.

🦺 PPE Requirements

PPE is required safety equipment on any project or job in any field of work.

  • Hard Hat

  • Safety Vest

  • Safety Gloves

  • Safety Eyewear

  • Steel Toed Boots (Buildforce does not supply)

Picking up Your PPE

OPTION 1 - πŸš— Pick up at a Local Buildforce Office

You pick up branded Buildforce PPE/Safety Equipment near a local office in Houston, Austin, or DFW.

OPTION 2 - πŸ’΅ Reimburse you up to $50

Not located near an office? You can go ahead and pick up your PPE at your local store. Please submit an itemized receipt to support@buildforce.com. After we have it and reviewing for accuracy, we will let you know once it has been added to your next paycheck.

OPTION 3 - πŸ’‘ Order for you at a local Home Depot location

Home Depot will require you to bring your ID to pick up your items. After placing the order, it takes about 2 hours for them to gather the items. We'll let you know that the order is ready for pickup. Please keep in mind your Home Depot local hours.

Can I wear another company's PPE?

At Buildforce, we want to ensure that tradespeople do not order or buy additional items if they already own them. As part of the onboarding process, we always ask, "What PPE do you have currently?"

At Buildforce, we take company branding very seriously. Our policy is that all Buildforce sites contain only our logo or no logo, with ❌ no representation from any other company.

We recognize that this is a priority for many contractors, and we take steps to ensure that all logos remain consistent and exclusive to Buildforce. One example of such a measure is the Buildforce Sticker on a Hard Hat. These stickers are available at all Buildforce offices and can be used to cover any other company logos.

Once again, this is to maintain our community policy that only Buildforce logos will be visible on any Buildforce site. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and dedication to our core values. πŸ™

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