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Learn more about how the job application process works at Buildforce.

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When you apply to jobs in the Buildforce mobile app, your profile will go through an application process that includes the following statuses:

  1. Reviewing: Your application is under review. Contractors or Buildforce are reviewing your profile. This typically takes 72 hours but may vary depending on the demand.

  2. Withdrawn: Your application was withdrawn. This happens for various reasons but the most common is when you accept another job offer.

  3. Declined: Your application was declined. This will happen when the contractor has decided not to proceed with your profile.

  4. Offered: You received a job offer. When this occurs, this means the contractor would like to partner with you on their job. Let us know if you would like to accept or decline the offer in the Buildforce mobile app.

Applying to Jobs

When you apply to jobs in the Buildforce Mobile App, your profile is then sent to the contractor for review. They typically look at your work experience, skills, and any certifications and licenses you have on file. Contractors look at this information along with your on-site rate to determine whether or not you would be a great fit for their project.

⚡️ Tip: Increase your chances of landing a job that you're interested in by making sure your Buildforce profile has:

  1. A profile picture. This helps contractors put a face to your name.

  2. Your most up-to-date work history. The more you include, the better but we suggest a minimum of three.

  3. Certifications and licenses. All jobs with Buildforce require a certain level of licensure. Make sure your profile has your license(s) reflected and that they are current. Certifications help you stand out to contractors and some jobs require it.

Getting a Job Offer

After the contractor has reviewed your profile and determined that they would like to partner with you on their job, they can extend an offer to you.

When you receive a job offer, it is important to review the details as soon as you are able. Job offers come with a 24-hour limit to ensure all tradefolks working with Buildforce have equal opportunities on our platform.

If you do not respond within 24 hours, we assume you are declining the offer and will communicate with the contractor accordingly.

Invitation to Apply

In some cases, Buildforce or a contractor will personally invite you to apply for a job. This can occur when a contractor has seen your profile and is interested in working with you.

⚡️ Tip: Turn on your availability in the mobile app if you are looking for work. This puts your profile at the top of the list of contractors that are reviewing.

If you are interested in the job that you were invited to apply for, tapping on Apply will let the contractor or Buildforce know that you are interested in the job and available for a job offer.

Your Application was Withdrawn

After submitting your interest in a job, there may be cases in which your application gets withdrawn from the application process. This typically will only occur if you accept another job with Buildforce.

Keep in mind that getting your application withdrawn from a job does not reflect poorly on your profile. Withdrawing your application from a job lets contractors know that they can review other profiles that may be their next best candidate.

Your Application was Declined

If your application was declined from a job, this means the contractor decided to proceed with another candidate. Usually, contractors will provide the reason why they declined your profile. Having this information helps Buildforce curate the job search process for you and helps make sure we're showing you jobs that are best suited for you.

We know this can be frustrating, but we encourage you to continue to apply for other jobs. This increases your chances of getting a job. 💯

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