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So you might ask yourself, What are the benefits of working with Buildforce? 🤷

Working as a Buildforce employee offers a variety of excellent benefits. Our competitive pay and fast, consistent payroll processing ensure you are paid weekly for the prior week. Buildforce provides dependable work and safety PPE equipment. We offer paid holidays, medical benefits, and referral bonuses to those who meet the eligibility requirements.

In addition to your access to the Buildforce Support team, we have an 🌟 All-Star Program designed to reward excellent performance in the field.

Paid Holiday Policy

Buildforce offers 🏖️ paid holiday time off to all Buildforce tradespeople that meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Currently employed by Buildforce and currently on a Buildforce Assignment

  2. Have worked at least 500 hours through Buildforce

🤔 The 500 hours are based on your previous week before the holiday. It is based on the previous week on Friday, not the same week. We do not grant exceptions to this rule.

Paid Holidays:

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

How It Works

Do You Qualify for Holiday Pay?

Worked the Holiday

Did Not Work the Holiday


  • Paid an additional 8 hours of regular pay

  • Paid 8 hours of regular pay


  • Paid regular pay for hours worked

  • Will not be paid

Note: If these holidays fall on a weekend, they will be credited to that work week (Monday to Sunday).

Medical Benefits

Buildforce offers 🩺 medical healthcare insurance to all Buildforce tradespeople that meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

Insurance we offer:

In order to offer low-cost healthcare options to all eligible tradespeople, Buildforce partners with Essential Benefits Administrators to offer healthcare plans with coverage for routine preventative services like primary care doctor’s visits. If you’d like to explore what is covered under our plans, please contact

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Currently employed by Buildforce and currently on a Buildforce Assignment

  2. Worked for six months with an average of greater than 30 hrs per week

How It Works:

If you meet the requirements, you'll receive an email and text message informing you of your benefits eligibility. You can opt in to benefits by following the directions listed in the email.

If you opt into benefits, you will see a deduction in each weekly paycheck listed under the section "Benefit Contributions” as long as your benefits are active.

Coverage Period:

Once eligible, if you choose to elect coverage your benefits will begin on the effective date stated in your enrollment email (usually at the beginning of the month). Thereafter, coverage will continue until:

(1) you are no longer eligible or

(2) until you contact Buildforce to terminate coverage

To terminate coverage, please email Coverage cannot be terminated mid-month. Once you contact us to terminate your plan, your benefits will be terminated effective the last day of the month in which you’ve made the request.

Example: You wish to unenroll from our health coverage and email support on 1/26. We confirm your request and process the cancellation effective 1/31. Payroll deductions will be made and your benefits will continue to be active until 1/31.

Safety PPE

🦺 PPE or Safety Equipment is required for all tradespeople. At Buildforce, we pride ourselves on prioritizing safety first, so we always provide PPE for every tradesperson who works with us.

Buildforce PPE includes:

  • Hard Hat

  • Safety Vest

  • Safety Gloves

  • Safety Eyewear

How It Works

To secure your 🦺 PPE from us, you may choose one of the following:

  • Pick it up at your local Buildforce office if you are located in Houston or Austin

  • Submit an itemized receipt of your PPE purchases and receive reimbursement of up to $50 on your next paycheck

  • We can order ahead at your local Home Depot so you can pick it up before your first day

Referral Bonus

Working with friends is awesome! 🙌 Buildforce offers referral bonuses to all tradespeople who refer quality candidates to us. All Buildforce tradespeople receive a referral bonus the week after the referral reaches 80 hours worked with Buildforce. The bonus amount is based on when the referral was made.

How It Works

To refer a colleague or friend, please visit your Buildforce app under 'Find Jobs.' Click 'Learn More' to get the options for inviting them to Buildforce. You can select 'Invite' to send them a text or copy your link to send them a message through email.

If you signed up using a referral link, the name of the person referring you will automatically be populated as "referred by" in our system. Of course, when your referral interviews with us, you can also encourage them to state your name when asked, "How did you hear about Buildforce?" At this time, we will document the referral in our system.

Referrals must be referenced and recorded in your interview. No exceptions will be made after the interview has been completed.

When will I get paid my referral bonus?

The bonus amount is based on when the referral was made, not when it was paid out. Here is an example breakdown of the referral timeline:

  • John referred Bill on April 15th

  • Bill got a job with Buildforce on April 24th

  • Bill reached 80 hours after working two weeks with us on May 5th

  • John will get the referral bonus added to his payroll in the next two weeks. Please allow two weeks for processing time.

All-Star Program

The 🌟 All-Star Program is like getting special VIP tickets to your favorite concert! An All-Star is someone that has shown Buildforce and contractors that they are reliable, dependable, and perform well on-site. At Buildforce, we want to celebrate, spotlight, and reward you 🫵 (yes, you!) for all the hard work you do day after day!

Any tradesperson using the Buildforce app to connect to jobs qualifies as an All-Star. You don't need to apply. Once you start working with our contractors, all you need to do is use the Buildforce app to clock in and out correctly, communicate with us, and build a healthy rapport with your Foremen.

This is important because to qualify as an All-Star, we evaluate for:

  • The number of hours that you have worked with Buildforce 🕗

  • Your on-site rate 👷

Don't Worry! Buildforce tracks 👣 both of these in your app.

Your Buildforce Support Team

Buildforce has a dedicated Support Team available to help you with all things related to your employment with us. Whether it is questions about your paycheck or hours sign-off, we are accessible through the 'Get Help' button in the Buildforce app from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday.

We are here to advocate for you and help you succeed in your career. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with anything!

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