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Resolving Pay Discrepancies

Confirming hours with Buildforce and the Contractor

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At Buildforce, we are dedicated to ensuring our employees get paid quickly and accurately, every time. To ensure we meet our high standards, we must confirm the number of hours recorded by the Tradesperson and Contractor. Resolving pay discrepancies is important to ensure fair compensation for all tradespeople.

Tradespeople need to take the time to review their hours on Monday before they submit them to us. Discrepancies between the Tradesperson and Contractor reflected hours will be addressed through the partnership with all parties.

All Buildforce tradespeople are required to clock in on our app. This allows Buildforce to track the hours that you will be paid. It also allows us to advocate for you in the case that there is a discrepancy between tracked hours and paid hours. Tradespeople may be marked as absent if they fail to do so, affecting their payment. Therefore, maintaining clear communication with Buildforce and your Foreman is of utmost importance. Otherwise, serious delays in processing the paycheck may occur.

Summary: Buildforce is dedicated to ensuring employees get paid quickly and accurately, which requires verifying the hours recorded by the Tradesperson and Contractor. They must resolve discrepancies before Wednesday afternoon to ensure timely paycheck processing. To make the process more efficient, Buildforce will soon offer greater earnings transparency.

🀝 Our steps to resolve

  1. The Tradesperson submits their hours on Monday after reviewing them in the Buildforce App.

  2. The Contractor submits their hours by Tuesday after reviewing them with accuracy.

  3. If any differences in hours occur, the Buildforce team will reach out to inquire with all tradespeople first. This typically takes place around Tuesday afternoons.

If there is a slight discrepancy, we will ask for a resolution between each party. We might ask you to review with your Foreman if significant gaps are missing in your timesheet. No matter what, you'll be contacted for a partnership in the resolution.

All discrepancies must be resolved by Wednesday afternoon before 3 p.m. CST. If they are resolved at a later time, your paycheck could be delayed.

πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ Common discrepancies

  • Forgot to mark a break when clocking out

  • Clocking out late off the job site

  • Recorded absence for the day

  • Broken phone, so unable to clock in and out

  • Did not talk to or see the Foreman on that day

  • Did not submit hours on Monday

πŸŽ‰ Good news! Most of these can be avoided by clocking in and out properly each day.

🌟 Future of time-tracking with Buildforce

We are committed to making our partnership with you as efficient as possible. To that end, we will soon be offering all tradespeople the visibility of the hours recorded for each Contractor to provide greater earnings transparency before receiving the paystub on Thursday. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for you to understand exactly how much you will be paid each week.

We highly value your understanding and patience while we improve this process.

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