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About All-Stars

The 🌟 All-Star Program is like getting special VIP tickets to your favorite concert! An All-Star is someone that has shown Buildforce and contractors that they are reliable, dependable, and perform well on-site. At Buildforce, we want to celebrate, spotlight, and reward you 🫡 (yes, you!) for all the hard work you do day after day!

Any tradesperson using the Buildforce app to connect to jobs qualifies as an All-Star. You don't need to apply. Once you start working with our contractors, all you need to do is use the Buildforce app to clock in and out correctly, communicate with us, and build a healthy rapport with your Foremen.

This is important because to qualify as an All-Star, we evaluate for:

  • The number of hours that you have worked with Buildforce πŸ•—

  • Your on-site rate πŸ‘·

  • Must be active on a Buildforce job site

Don't Worry! Buildforce tracks πŸ‘£ both of these in your app.

How do I become an All-Star?


To qualify as an All-Star, tradespeople on the Buildforce mobile app with an account in good standing and who have met the following criteria:

How it works

As an All-Star, your profile will feature a special All-Star badge that lets contractors know that you've been working with Buildforce for at least 500 hours and have shown up to jobs consistently. This πŸ₯‡ Badge helps All-Stars stand out when contractors are looking at profiles to hire for their projects.


What are the rewards of being an All-Star?

Being an All-Star definitely has its perks! πŸŽ‰

β€’ πŸ₯‡ Badge for All-Star and to show up higher in results when getting your next position
β€’ πŸ€‘ $100 bonus when you first become an All-Star
β€’ β›½ $25 gas stipend monthly while remaining in All-Star status and currently employed with us.

We check for All-Star eligibility every Friday when payroll is run for the previous work week. If you meet the requirements of becoming an All-Star, the Badge becomes immediately available in your Buildforce app and for all contractors to see on your profile.

The $100 bonus will be added to your paycheck the week AFTER becoming an All-Star. For example, if John became an All-Star on June 5th, 2023. John would see the bonus on his paycheck on June 16th, 2023.

The $25 gas stipend will be in the form of a gift card sent to your email on file with Buildforce. It will be sent out on the Friday of the 1st month you become eligible, one week after you qualify for becoming an All-Star. It will be sent out every month after that on Fridays. Dates might vary due to the number of weeks in a month.

Need help redeeming your $25 Gift Card? Check out this article.

You must be active on a Buildforce job site to get a monthly gas stipend.

If you need to edit your email, please get in touch with your Buildforce Support Team for help!

How do I maintain my All-Star status?

After you get your All-Star badge, the only requirement you need to keep a close eye on. On-site rates are calculated by the number of days you're scheduled to work on a job versus how many absences you are creating or when you are not on the job.

You can maintain and increase your on-site rate by showing up to a job when you are scheduled to work. You can learn more about on-site rates and why they matter here.

You won't have to worry if you don't have a job or the project is closed for the day. We don't count those off days against your on-site rate.

How do I track my All-Star status?

You can go to the Profile tab in the mobile app. At the top right corner by the Settings icon, there is now an All-Star button that you can interact with. You may need to update your app if you do not see this option.

When you tap the All-Star program button, you can see how you're doing for each All-Star program requirement. It is crucial to remember that you'll need to continue to meet the program requirements to maintain your All-Star status. You've been working with Buildforce for at least 500 hours and have shown up to jobs consistently.

This badge helps All-Stars stand out when contractors are looking at profiles to hire for their projects.

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