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Every tradesperson must consent to a background check in the Buildforce app

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Safety on-site is important to us at Buildforce. 🦺 A background check (BGC) is one of the ways we aim to ensure that every tradesperson placed on a job site with Buildforce is safe. 👷

Before a job placement with Buildforce, every tradesperson must consent to a background check in the Buildforce app run through a third party called Checkr. They will complete an SSN trace to complete the background check. It usually takes less than 24 hours for a BGC status to return. The background check status determines your eligibility to be placed on a job with Buildforce.


  • A background check helps to ensure your safety on-site at Buildforce projects. After your interview, you will consent to a background check on the Buildforce app.

  • A Social Security number (SSN) trace searches for a name and SSN in various databases, but it has limitations as it cannot determine if an SSN is real or fake. Tradespeople will not receive a background check badge under your profile for contractors to see if we are unsuccessful.

  • Buildforce staff will review your background check results before your first placement.

How to Consent to a Background Check in the Buildforce App:

Once you have downloaded the Buildforce app and created your profile, you will schedule an interview with a member of the Buildforce team. ✅ After you complete your interview and your recruiter verifies your profile, open the Buildforce app to consent to a background check:

  1. Navigate to Find Jobs

  2. Click Consent to a background check

5. Click Get Started

6. Type in your Name and select your Date of Birth

7. Click Next

8. Type in your Home address

9. Click Next

10. Navigate and read through Welcome > Your Rights > Disclosure > Authorization with Checkr, our third-party background provider.

When you have finished reading through the Checkr documents and authorized the background check, you will receive a confirmation in the app. Click Ok, and you're done!

📝 Background Check Policy

Your results are in. What happens next?

Results usually return within 24 hours of consent. Your results return to Buildforce with a certain status:

  • ✅ If your BGC comes back as 'Clear', no action is taken, and you are ready to work!

  • 🛑 If your BGC comes back 'Consider', a member of the Buildforce team will review your record and determine if you are able to move forward with job placement.

  • ⏸️ If your BGC comes back as 'Suspended,' means the social security number you provided does not match your personal information. Checkr will complete an SSN trace to complete a background check. You will have a chance to correct with Checkr to resolve any issues.

You will receive an email notification from Checkr that they need you to submit additional identification documents. Once Checkr receives your documents, we will re-run the background check. If you think this is an error, please don't hesitate to contact the Checkr support center.

Checkr's support team can be reached through chat or by phone. They are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Central Time (CT) at (844) 824-3257. Buildforce won't be able to take action for you, which needs to be resolved with Checkr.

⛔ Background Check Disqualifiers

Buildforce aims to be fair in every Background Check review. If your record contains any BGC Disqualifiers listed below, your record will be reviewed by our Adverse Action Committee. The Adverse Action Committee will decide whether your record disqualifies you from moving forward with a Buildforce placement. In the instance that you're disqualified, a member of the committee will notify you.

In most instances, having a disqualifier on your record results in a failed profile which means that you will not be able to be placed on a job with us.

The Disqualifers are:

  • Guilty/convicted violent felony charge (in the past 7 years)

  • Guilty/convicted theft felony charge (in the past 3 years)

  • Guilty/convicted multiple theft charges (in the past 7 years, including both felonies and/or misdemeanors)

  • Guilty/convicted manslaughter charge

  • is registered on the Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry

    Note: If you have a 'pending' charge, we take the stance of "innocent until proven guilty," and you can stay employed with us until we are notified of a guilty sentence.

Are my results shared with contractors?

We do not ❌ share your BGC results with contractors. If it is requested by a contractor, we will communicate that directly with you.

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