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How to Update Your Buildforce Profile
How to Update Your Buildforce Profile
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Contractors partnered with Buildforce use your profile to assess whether they should send you a job offer. 🀝🏽 Think of your Buildforce profile as your resume. πŸ’ΌThe more information you provide, the better decision a contractor can make! In order to increase your chances of getting the job πŸ“ˆ you applied for, it's important to make sure that your profile is up to date. βœ…

When you first create your Buildforce profile, select the trades that you have experience in and type in your years of experience. Keep this section current by updating your years of experience and any new trades each year.

πŸͺͺ Licenses

If you're located in Texas, a current TDLR license is required to be able to work for Buildforce. We recommend uploading a picture of your license and renewing it each year before it expires. Our app will pull the expiration date data from the TDLR website and display that date on your profile.

When your license is expired, the app prevents you from applying for jobs until it is current.

πŸ“„ Certifications
Some jobs with Buildforce require certifications such as the OSHA 10 or Aerial/Scissorlift Certification. If you hold any certifications, we recommend that you include each of them under the Certification section of your profile. Job posts in the app will display which certifications are required and prevent you from applying if you do not have them.
🧰 Work History

When first setting up your profile, we recommend that you include at least your last three employments under the work history and include a detailed description of the skills and accomplishments from that job. We recommend you update your work history any time you work for another company outside of Buildforce.

All Buildforce employments are automatically added to your profile and marked with a blue check to let contractors know when you worked for us.

Example Profile:

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