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Accepting a Job Offer: Everything You Need to Know
Accepting a Job Offer: Everything You Need to Know

Accepting a job offer with Buildforce

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When you receive a job offer from Buildforce, you get a text notification with a link that takes you to review your offer before accepting or declining. A job offer in the Buildforce app is a real job offer from a contractor who is expecting you on your start date! We are so excited you decided to join Buildforce!

Now that you have a better understanding of how Buildforce works, let's go over in detail what it looks like to receive a job offer with Buildforce. That's why we're all here at the end of the day, right?!

When you apply for a position on the Buildforce app, your application is sent to the contractor for review. Once the contractor has approved your application, you will receive a job offer in the Buildforce app!

Once an offer is sent out, you will receive a text message notification with a link directly to your offer.

1. Click Review offer to see all of the job details including:

  • The contractor name

  • Your pay rate

  • The expected duration of the job

  • Your start date

  • The approximate job location

2. Click Accept or Decline. Once you accept the job offer, read through the steps outlined. From this page, you may click on the company name to view a more detailed description of the job. If you do not respond to the offer within 24 hours, we assume you are declining the offer and will communicate with the contractor accordingly.

❗Accepting a job offer in the Buildforce app notifies the contractor that you will be there on your start date and are committed to working the expected duration of the job.

🗣️ If you are unable to do so, please communicate with Buildforce as soon as possible. We are here to work with you.

✖️ Not showing up to a job on your first day after accepting a job offer is cause for termination of employment with Buildforce.

3. If you accept your job offer, click Get started in order to:

  • Review Buildforce expectations to set you up for success during employment

  • Confirm your personal information such as name and address

  • Add your bank account information and complete your W-4 tax form to ensure you get paid via direct deposit

    Note: We only pay through direct deposit, not paper checks.

👍 You may have never accepted a job offer through a phone app before, and that's okay!

Your offer is a real job offer with a real contractor expecting you to show up on your start date. Your Buildforce team is here to support you every step of the way should have a question or concern regarding your offer. We are just a phone call or message away!

4. A member of the Buildforce team will call you to ensure you have everything you need for the job before you arrive on your first job site, including the required PPE.

Should you choose to decline your offer, please submit the reason you chose to decline. This information helps us make sure we send you the right jobs in the future.

  • Pay

  • Location of job

  • Duration of job

  • Start time and/or date

  • Job responsibilities

  • Offer doesn't have enough information

  • Something else...

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