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What happens when you have a job but want to apply for another?

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So, you are currently at a Buildforce job and found one on the Buildforce App that fits your skills or location better. We want you to know that we want to match you with the best job for you and ensure you finish the current project on-site because it's important to your career.

We balance this between what you need and our contractor's needs. At Buildforce, we define an active job as one you are currently assigned.

This includes:

  • A job that you are clocking into.

  • A job that you are scheduled to work on in the future.

  • A job offer that you accepted but have not yet started.

We understand that things can change, and some jobs may not perfectly fit you. Before we can work on finding you a new job, we want to have a conversation with you to understand what's going on. We are here to listen. πŸ€—

How do I apply for another job?

When you're messaging us through the Buildforce App about applying to a new job while you have an active job, it's important to be as much detail as possible. You can message us through the 'Get Help' button on the corner right-hand side of your Buildforce app for immediate response.

Providing us with honest information and detail on why you would like to move on from your current job will help us position you in the best light in your next role. We are here to help support you in your career.

πŸ“£ If you feel unsafe, please get in touch with your Buildforce Support and Experience Team immediately. We have a no-tolerance policy on unsafe job sites and will work with you to find your next job.

Worried about the job ending?

If you are looking for another job because you are worried that your current job will end, we would like to let you know that we receive jobs to fill daily 😍. It is crucial to your success to remain consistent in your attendance until the job ends. Our team will begin to work on a new job for you as soon as we know about the last day. At Buildforce, we are committed to delivering new jobs to you and will be transparent with you throughout the whole way.

Still can't apply for jobs?

If you have already spoken to Buildforce and we set an end date for you, make sure you are selecting a different day other than your current job end date to apply.

For example, if your employment ended 'today', you must select a day other than today's date. If you are still running into issues, please contact us through the 'Get Help' button in your Buildforce App.

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