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How to Dispute an Absence using the Buildforce App

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You often sign in with their Foreman on-site πŸ“ when you arrive at work. However, it is important for everyone to clock in and out using the Buildforce App 100% of the time. We understand that phones may break, die, or be forgotten at home. Your Buildforce Support Team is here to help you resolve any attendance discrepancies.

If we cannot reach you and you are not clocked in, we will record your absence as a No Call, No Show. To ensure that hours worked are correctly recorded, we will cross reference any information with the time reported in the Buildforce App. Please take a look at our Attendance Policy here for more details.

It is vital for your success to ensure that your on-site rate remains high, as contractors may be reviewing it. You must always use the Buildforce app so that your hours can be accurately logged, and we can continue to advocate for you with our contractors.

How to Dispute an Absence?

Buildforce keeps and logs all attendance information. We share this information with our partners and contractors. You can access this information through your Buildforce profile.

  1. Login to the Buildforce App

  2. Click 'Profile'

  3. Click 'Learn more' next to Attendance Record

  4. Review 'Your absences'

  5. Select 'Dispute'

  6. Type in the Date of Absence and Reason for the Dispute using our Chat Feature. The more details we have, the better we can help you with this issue.

Once you submit your dispute, the Buildforce Support and Experience Team will review the records to see if we can remove or adjust them to ensure your data is accurate in your profile.

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