Attendance FAQs

Frequently asked questions about attendance, time tracking, and time cards

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Reporting Absences

  • I'm going to be absent. What should I do?

    • First, notify your foreman via text or call. The best practice is notifying your foreman at least 12 hours in advance. Then, create an absence in the Buildforce app. Please refer to our Attendance Policy.

      • For one day: Select the date you will be out when creating your absence.

      • For multiple days: Select 'I will be out for multiple days' and indicate the range of dates you will be out for.

  • My Foreman is not picking up the phone; what should I do?

    • Please notify Buildforce via the Get Help button in the app that you were unable to contact your foreman. Create an absence in the Buildforce app.

  • What is a No Call No Show, and why is it on my profile?

    • A No Call No Show is when you are absent from work but fail to notify your foreman or Buildforce. If you forget to clock in and do not respond to texts or calls from Buildforce, we will assume you were absent.

    • If we have not heard from you by 12 p.m., you will be marked absent and Unable to Contact, which results in a No Call No Show on your profile.


  • What is my On-site rate?

    • Your On-site rate is the percentage of days you were on-site out of the number of days the project was open for you to work. For example, if you were expected to be on the job for 60 days and you created an absence for two of those 60 days, your on-site rate would be 96%.

      58 worked days / 60 scheduled days = 0.966 (96.6% on-site rate)

      On-site rates are captured on a 60-work-day rolling basis. This means that you have an opportunity to make changes to your on-site every day you are scheduled to work.

  • What is a Late Notice, and why should I care?

    • A Late Notice is any absence that is reported in the Buildforce app less than 12 hours in advance. Notifying your foreman and Buildforce 12 hours in advance displays responsibility, trust, and integrity on your part. It also allows your foreman to adjust his plan for the day that you will be out.

  • Who can see my attendance data?

    • All contractors and employers that have tradesperson requests with Buildforce are able to see your attendance data on your profile.

  • What are the benefits of having great attendance?

    • The benefit is not just the All-Star program perks; tradespeople with high on-site rates will experience greater success with Buildforce. We see a significantly higher application acceptance rate from our contractors, quicker turnarounds for consistent work, and higher pay rates for tradespeople with great attendance. All-Star Program.

  • My phone is broken or has been shut off. What should I do?

    • Employees with a broken phone will still be responsible for contacting Buildforce using another form of communication like your Foreman on-site, email, or another phone. If there is a problem reporting a clock-in or out, inform Buildforce immediately at

Running Late

  • I'm running late to the job site. What should I do?

    • Please notify your foreman as soon as possible. Then, notify the Buildforce team as to why you are not clocked in yet. Clock in on the Buildforce app as soon as you arrive on-site.

Leaving Early

  • I have to leave early from the job site. What should I do?

    • Please notify your foreman. Try to let them know 12 hours in advance. Clock out at the time that you leave.

Disputing Absences

  • I have an absence on my profile, but I worked that day. What should I do?

  • The project is closed today, but I was marked absent. What should I do?

    • Please notify the Buildforce team that the project is closed:

      1. Navigate to Get Help in your Buildforce App

      2. Send the Buildforce Team a message.

      3. Buildforce will confirm the project closure with the contractor. We will delete the absence from your profile as soon as we confirm it.

      4. We will notify you that the absence has been deleted.

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