How to Report an Absence

This is a guide on indicating an absence in the Buildforce Mobile App.

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This is a guide on indicating an absence in the Buildforce Mobile App. By indicating or sharing an absence from the app, employees will have a way to communicate with the Buildforce team, the contractor they are working with, and their on-site contact when they will be out and when they will be returning to the job.

Proactive communication will always be the best policy regarding absences, tardiness, or extended leaves. If there is no communication between Buildforce and your Foreman, it will be considered a no call, no show and could be grounds for immediate termination. The phrase 'no call, no show' refers to an employee’s absence without notifying the foreman or Buildforce.

You do not need to mark an absence if the project is closed or has a day off. Instead, don't hesitate to contact us through the 'Get help' button in the Buildforce app to inform us that the project is closed for the day, so the absence is not recorded on your profile. You are able to refer to the Buildforce Attendance Policy here for more information.


  • Showing up is the most important you can do for your career.

  • If life gets in the way, communicate as early as possible.

  • A great attendance record will help you consistently get jobs and earn rewards as a part of Builforce.

How to Report an Absence

Notifying your point of contact (POC) or Foreman first is important before notifying us.

After notifying them, please complete the following steps to report an absence through your Buildforce app. We strive to make communicating with us as easy as possible when you are not on-site.

Step 1 - After logging into the Buildforce app, click 'My jobs'

Step 2 - Click "Can't make it to the job?" under the Clock in button.

Step 3 - Complete the required information

  1. The date that you will not be on-site

  2. Additional dates of extended absences

  3. The reason for reporting an absence

By default, the text box will enter today's date. You can adjust this date by tapping into the text box.

You can select if you will be out for multiple days. This option should be selected if you do not plan on returning the next day.

After completing the dates, select the option that best describes why you will not be on-site. It is important to note here that an absence reason is required to submit an absence. The options that they can select from include:

Absence Option


Transportation Issue

The car will not start, Flat Tire, Car Accident, Stolen Car, Flooded Roads/Weather related issues

Family Emergency

No child care, Family dealings, Funerals, Family in hospital.

Medical Issue

You are sick, injured or unable to work due to illness.


Vacation, Traveling, Not able to work in the city of the project.

Prefer not to share

No explanation

Something else/Other

Notes are required - This text box is required to be filled out before submitting an absence

Step 4 - Press 'Submit' at the bottom. A confirmation message that your absence was submitted successfully.

What Happens Next?

Once an absence has been submitted, this information will be logged on your Buildforce profile. Buildforce keeps and logs all attendance information. We share this information with our partners and contractors. Also, you are able to access this information through your Buildforce profile.

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