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Learn More About On-Site Rates
Learn More About On-Site Rates
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Good attendance is critical to contractors when evaluating candidates. Those with higher on-site rates are significantly more likely to stay busy on the Buildforce platform. You can view your on-site rate on your profile in the Buildforce mobile app.

Understanding your on-site rate

Why is my on-site rate important?

Your on-site rate is shared with contractors when they are looking at profiles of candidates to hire for their projects. This helps them determine who is more likely to show up to a job and be reliable.

To be considered an All-Star, you must maintain an on-site rate of 95% or higher.

How is my on-site rate calculated?

On-site rates are determined by comparing the number of days you are expected to work with the number of days you are absent.

For example, if you were expected to be on the job for 60 days and you created an absence for two of those 60 days, your on-site rate would be 96%.

58 worked days / 60 scheduled days = 0.966 (96% on-site rate)

It is worth knowing that on-site rates are captured on a 60-work-day rolling basis. This means that you have an opportunity to make changes to your on-site every day you are scheduled to work.

Why is my on-site rate calculated on a rolling basis?

A rolling basis allows you to continually update and improve your on-site rate as time goes on.

How can I increase or maintain my on-site rate?

On-site rates are affected by all types of absences including no call, no shows, and absences you create in the app. You can increase or maintain your on-site rate by showing up to your job when you are scheduled to work.

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