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An attendance policy is a document that tells employees exactly how various issues such as tardiness, no-shows, early outs, no call no shows, and different types of leave will be handled. “No call, no show” refers to an employee’s absence from work without notifying the foreman or Buildforce.

If you do not clock in or report an absence through the Buildforce app, you will be marked as 'Unable to Contact,' which will count as an absence through your Buildforce profile. You do not need to mark an absence if the project is closed or has a day off. Instead, don't hesitate to contact us through the 'Get help' button in the Buildforce app to inform us that the project is closed for the day, so the absence is not recorded on your profile.

We all are human and understand that things do come up occasionally. We are here to set you up for success in your career with Buildforce and beyond.


  • Showing up is the most important you can do for your career.

  • If life gets in the way, communicate as early as possible.

  • A great attendance record will help you consistently get jobs and earn rewards as a part of Builforce.

📝 Policy

  1. Employees are expected to be present and on time every day. Regular attendance and punctuality are important to your career.

  2. Employees must clock in and out daily for each shift using the Buildforce app. If there is a problem reporting a clock-in or out, inform Buildforce immediately at

  3. If you are running late, please get in touch with your Foreman at your earliest convenience.

  4. If you are taking an absence, report an absence in the Buildforce app AFTER notifying your Foreman. Buildforce requires a minimum of 12 hours of communication in advance for all absences, but the sooner, the better.

  5. We are strict about "No Call No Shows" and have ZERO tolerance for the behavior. You must contact Buildforce anytime you need to take an absence. Simply not calling or communicating are grounds for immediate termination.

  6. Your employment will be terminated if you do not clock into the app or communicate with us after missing 3 days. This will be considered job abandonment.

  7. After coordinating with your Foreman, please let Buildforce know about extended leaves or vacations as soon as possible by reporting an absence in the Buildforce app.

  8. Employees with a broken phone will still be responsible for contacting Buildforce using another form of communication like your Foreman on-site, email, or use of another phone.

What does my attendance record mean?

Buildforce keeps and logs all attendance information. We share this information with our partners and contractors. Also, you are able to access this information through your Buildforce profile.


What does it mean?

How can you improve?

On-site rate

Number of Days worked based on the project schedule

Showing up consistently

No call, No shows

'No Call No Show' is when you failed to show up on-site, and your Foreman was not notified.

Always communicate with Buildforce and your Foreman.

Unable to Contact

'Unable to Contact' when we cannot reach you and are not clocked in. This is included in your No call, No show rate.

Always communicate with Buildforce and your Foreman.

Late notices

Any absence reported that is less than 12 hours in advance

Let us know more than 12 hours in advance when you can't show up.

Overview of Expectations

We are here to support you in this project and in your career. Remembering that showing up to work every day, being on time, and being coachable for feedback affects your overall career. Attendance and Performance are tracked in our Buildforce App. Our goal is to put you in the best light with the contractor for opportunities on new projects because we know how your income, a stable work environment, and growth in your career are important to you.

Projects often have stringent timelines, requiring the contractor to rely on workers to arrive on time and perform on the job site. Regular attendance, communication, and punctuality are important to keep your contractor and team operating.

The first week of your new Buildforce project is crucial to success.

The first week of your new project is when first impressions are made. We want to get you the best job for you. We would rather start you on a different project or a later start date if the proposed project is not a good fit for you. If you have an upcoming appointment or anything that would prevent you from arriving every day, please notify Buildforce before accepting any job. The earlier we understand what is going on in your life, we can relay it to your Foreman and contractor so they know and schedule you to be out that day.

For example, Jimmy starts with Buildforce on Monday. He called in twice in his first week. Unfortunately, Jimmy will likely be let go on Friday and asked not to return. It is on his Buildforce record, so when the next project comes up, the contractor sees that he is unreliable and is not selected for a new project.

Proactive communication will always be the best policy regarding absences, tardiness, or extended leaves. If there is no communication with Buildforce and Foreman, it will be considered a no call, no show, and grounds for immediate termination. The phrase 'no call, no show' refers to an employee’s absence without notifying the foreman or Buildforce. All 'no call, no shows' will not be eligible for rehire.

Need Help?

You are able to refer to the How to Report an Absence article for a step-by-step walkthrough.

If you would like to submit a complaint or dispute the data on your attendance record, please submit a request through the Buildforce App under your Profile.

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