Time Theft Policy

Reporting the Correct Hours

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Time theft is defined as the fraudulent practice of claiming pay for work that has not been performed, including falsifying timecards or clocking in/out. Employees cannot clock in or out from anywhere other than the job site.

When tradespeople clock in for the first time, they will be prompted to enable location sharing as Buildforce utilizes their location data for the clock in and out. Rest assured that the location data is only used for the purposes of operational efficiency.

So that you know, Buildforce has a zero-tolerance policy for time theft. However, in some cases where an educational moment is identified, Buildforce may reserve the right to make an exception and avoid termination. Remember that time theft is not tolerated and can lead to immediate termination.

Important Things to Remember

πŸ‘· Clock in and out only at the Job Site

πŸ€’ Report an Absence in the Buildforce App if you are not on the Job Site

πŸ“² Contact Buildforce if you made an error at your earliest convenience

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