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No Fighting on Buildforce Job Sites

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Buildforce prioritizes the health and safety of its tradespeople and contractor partners above all else. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure work environment, which is why we have a zero-tolerance policy against physical altercations or fighting between anyone on a Buildforce job site.

Any incidents will be met with potential immediate termination. We believe such measures are necessary to ensure that all personnel feel safe and secure while performing their duties on the job site.

We also understand that reporting such incidents is essential to maintaining a safe work environment. Therefore, all personnel must report any altercations or fights to their respective supervisors or the management team as soon as they occur. Our contractor partners may also have personnel working on the job site. In accordance with the incident, contractors may have personnel removed from the job site to maintain a safe and secure work environment.

In conclusion, Buildforce takes physical altercations and fighting in the workplace very seriously. Our zero-tolerance policy, mandatory reporting, and potential immediate termination serve as a reminder to all personnel that such behavior will not be tolerated on our job sites.

πŸ₯Š I got in a fight; what do I do?

  1. Report to Buildforce by contacting us through the 'Get Help' button in your Buildforce App.

  2. If the Foreman has asked you to leave the job site, please do so as soon as possible.

  3. The Buildforce Team will research and investigate the incident with all parties involved.

  4. We will let you know of the resolution after the investigation.

πŸ™‹ What do I do when someone is trying to start a fight?

It is important to remain level-headed and composed while working with another individual in any altercation. Do not give in to your anger, and do not engage in any retaliation - be the bigger person here and stay calm. Although showing that you can be just as tough might be tempting, do not let your pride get in the way.

Reporting the incident to your Foreman or Buildforce Management immediately is essential to address the issue and prevent further conflict. This will allow the situation to be appropriately de-escalated.

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