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This document provides frequently asked questions about time tracking in the Buildforce app. It covers topics such as clocking in and out, editing time cards, clocking out for lunch, and arriving early on the first day.

Frequently asked questions

Clocking in and out using the app

My foreman has a sign-in process. Why do I have to clock in on the Buildforce app, too?

All Buildforce employees are required to clock in on our app. This allows Buildforce to track the hours that you will be paid. It also allows us to advocate for you in the case that there is a discrepancy between tracked hours and paid hours.

I clocked in late, and now my time card is wrong. What should I do?

If you clock in late, please edit the clock-in time when you clock out for the day using your Timesheet in the Buildforce App.

If you forget to edit the clock-in time, please report the correct hours on your time card when you review and submit your time card on Mondays.

I forgot to clock out yesterday. What should I do?

As soon as you realize you forgot to clock out, click clock out and adjust your time. Then, clock in at the start of your next shift.

Do I have to clock out for lunch?

No, you do not need to clock out for lunch. When you clock out, please select the quantity of time that matches how long your collective lunch and breaks were.

It was my first day on the job, and I arrived 30 minutes early from the project start time. When should I clock in?

Arriving early on the first day is recommended so that you can call your foreman and make sure that you know where you are going.

Please clock in at the project start time according to the project schedule. This is when you are expected to start working and will align with the contractor's expectations.

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