How to find, view and download your Buildforce Paystubs

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Buildforce lets you view and download your pay stubs using the Buildforce App. You can use this feature anytime you want to see your paystub, download it to apply for a mortgage or apartment for proof of income or review them for tax purposes.

Your paystub is generated each Wednesday evening and will list the amount you will receive that coming Friday.

How to View & Download Your Paystub?

  1. Login to your Buildforce App

  2. Click 'My Pay'

  3. Select 'View previous paystubs'

  4. View and Scroll to see all paystubs

  5. To Download: Click on the paystub and hit the download button at the top of your Buildforce screen.

Can't See Your Paystub?

Don't worry! This means you have yet to work a whole week. After you confirm your hours on the following Monday, our payroll team will be hard at work to get your hours approved by our contractor. We process our payroll on Wednesdays to deliver payment to you by Friday.

If you still can't see it and have confirmed your hours, please wait till Wednesday evening after 6 pm CST to view it.

🤷 Still Stuck? Feel free to message the Buildforce Support team under 'Get Help' in the Intercom Article.

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