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Does Buildforce Offer Cash Advances?

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We are all human and experience difficult times in our lives.

No matter how well we plan for our finances, life can throw us curveballs, which makes budgeting even more important. It is vital to be realistic about money and set aside funds for more difficult times.

While we are not a bank, we strive to offer one-time exceptions to those in need. Through our cash advances, we work to bridge the gap and give you the breathing room you need during difficult times.

Summary: We determine to give someone a cash advance by checking their active employment status and confirming their work hours. We also specify that cash advances are a one-time exception, deduct them from their future paycheck, and that the advance will take two business days to arrive in their bank account.

How to Request a Cash Advance?

To request a cash advance, you will need to meet the following requirements below.

Requirements for Request:

βœ… You have an Active Employment with Buildforce

βœ… You have NOT requested a Pay Advance Yet

βœ… You must have Hours Worked in the Previous or Current Week

Once requirements have been met, you can send in a request through the 'Get Help' on your Buildforce app. Once requested, it will take two business days to arrive in your bank account. The amount requested will be deducted from your future paycheck.

For example, John messages Buildforce for a $200 cash advance on Monday at 10 am CST. We submitted the request to be processed, and it will arrive in his bank account on Wednesday before 5 pm CST. The $200 will be deducted from his paycheck this coming Friday.

Any requests submitted after 7 pm Monday through Friday will be considered the following business day for you. Please keep in mind that these requests are a one-time accommodation, and the discretion is up to Buildforce for approval. We reserve the right to deny any cash advance request.

❌ We do not offer same-day or next-day cash advances.

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