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How to Build and Maintain Your Professional Network
How to Build and Maintain Your Professional Network
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At Buildforce, our goal is to improve the lives of people working in the construction trades through technology. πŸš€ We envision a world where working in the construction trades can provide a clear path to financial security and personal fulfillment.

With this commitment in mind, we offer our tradespeople and Contractor Partners the highest level of service. We pledge to deliver excellence in everything we do, from performing jobs up to our high standards to keeping punctuality and deadlines to treating everyone with respect and dignity.

❓What is your role as a tradesperson in Buildforce's mission?

To provide excellent services to both you and the contractor you work for, we rely on both parties to work together and with Buildforce to commit to the three C's:
​1. Communication

2. Commitment
​3. Character

πŸ—£οΈ Communication

Did you know that one of Buildforce's core values is to "Be radically transparent"? At Buildforce we believe transparent communication isn't just a right; it's an expectation, as long as it's both necessary and respectful.

  • Start Date: Transparency about when you can start a job is essential to your success. Contractors are relying on you to show up on the start date indicated on your job offer. If that date will not work due to a scheduling conflict, it is imperative to discuss that with your Buildforce team before your first day. The first day is your first chance to make an impression with your contractor. Not showing up on your assigned start date and requesting to move starts the relationship on a rocky footing.

  • Attendance: Being transparent with your contractor about when you will need to miss work with 24-hour notice or more is important for the contractor to be able to plan around your absence. When you give last-minute notice that you won't make it to work, your contractor is left scrambling to fill in the gaps on the job site. Transparent and timely communication helps all parties collaborate more effectively to get the job done.

  • Feedback: Giving feedback to Buildforce about your job site is essential. We are here to support you and ensure you have a positive and professional work experience. Some things we always want to be informed of:

    • Safety concerns on site

    • Injury reporting

    • New skills you are acquiring, how you are growing

    • Is the project organized and progressing

    • How leadership is treating you

  • Skillset: In your interview with Buildforce, you will be asked questions about your skillset. It is always best to be honest about the skills you currently hold, are learning, and the ones that you have yet to learn. This ensures we make a successful initial job placement for you. Honesty will allow you to step into a role that you can succeed in and continue to grow and learn!

🀝 Commitment

Contractors depend on the workforce they hire to bring their projects to completion. When you sign onto a job with a contractor partnered with Buildforce, you are committing to three things:
1. The duration of the project

2. Performing all assigned tasks while adhering to safety and excellence

3. Respectful collaboration with your team
By demonstrating a strong commitment to getting the job done, your contractor will think of you when hiring for their next project. You will also receive positive marks on your Buildforce profile, which increases your chances of being hired by other contractors as well.

❀️ Character

Having a strong character as not only a tradesperson, but a human being, is all about having self-respect and personal responsibility, acting with integrity, demonstrating discipline in setting and meeting goals, and showing compassion and respect for others. When you hold yourself to a high standard, it inspires those around you to do the same. Contractors are looking for a tradesperson with strong character to bring onto their projects and likely, hire full-time!
By committing to the three C's, you can have a long and successful career with Buildforce!

πŸ€— We are here to help!

Buildforce has a dedicated Support Team available to help you with all things related to your employment with us. Whether it is questions about your paycheck or hours sign-off, we are accessible through the 'Get Help' button in the Buildforce app from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday.

We are here to advocate for you and help you succeed in your career. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with anything


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