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How to Complete Assessments
How to Complete Assessments

Learn more about Assessments in the Buildforce App

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As part of the process to schedule an interview with Buildforce, workers are required to complete an assessment via our mobile app. This assessment is an important tool that we use to gauge your knowledge and skill set. It helps us understand your current abilities and qualifications.

Each assessment is designed to align closely with a specific trade level. It is recommended that you select and complete the assessment that best matches your current trade level. This will ensure that the assessment is relevant to your skills and will provide the most accurate representation of your abilities.

Currently, assessments are required for those in the electrical trade. Assessments for additional trades will be supported in the future.

By successfully completing the assessment, you demonstrate your readiness to engage in an interview. It's a critical step in moving forward in the process of job placement with Buildforce. Remember, the goal of the assessment is not just to test your knowledge, but to help us find the best opportunities that align with your abilities.

How to complete an assessment in the Buildforce app

1. Begin by completing your profile in the Buildforce app.

2. Once your profile is complete, tap on 'Get started' on the 'Take the skill assessment' card located under the 'What's Next' section.

3. You will be shown a list of assessments. Select the one that best matches your current level and area of expertise.

4. Allocate about 20 minutes to complete the assessment. Although you can return to the assessment after you've started it, we recommend completing it as soon as possible so you can schedule your interview with a Buildforce team member.

5. After you've completed the assessment, make sure to submit it for review.

6. Once your assessment has been submitted, you can schedule a call with the Buildforce team using Calendly. We look forward to speaking with you during your interview!

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