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Buildforce's rounding time policy automatically rounds clock-in and clock-out times to the nearest 7 minutes, increasing accuracy and reducing the need for manual adjustments. This helps prevent errors, saves time, and minimizes disputes between workers and contractors.

Rounding time

When you clock-in and clock-out, Buildforce rounds your time as a suggested edit. Buildforce always rounds to the nearest 7 minutes. For example:

  • If you clock-in at 7:13, we will automatically round your clock-in time to 7:00am.

  • If you clock out at 4:55pm, we will automatically round your clock-out time to 5:00pm.

When Buildforce rounds time, it increases the accuracy of your time entries by reducing the likelihood of errors occurring and saves you time and effort by reducing the amount of time needed to manually adjust your time. It also helps reduce the number of disputes occurring between you and the contractor.

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