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How Buildforce Handles Pay & Pay Raises

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At Buildforce, we understand that pay is very important and want to explain our approach to make sure everyone is on the same page. Above all, we will advocate for you to ensure you receive what you are owed and finish the job at hand.

When determining pay rates, it is important to consider factors such as job responsibilities, market trends, and qualifications and experience. We often conduct market research to understand the prevailing wages for similar roles in the industry. This information helps ensure that the pay rates align with industry standards and are competitive in the job market.

How do we handle pay?

πŸ’° Recommended Pay at Buildforce is a carefully crafted compensation rate that takes into account your qualifications, experience, market rates, and licensure. It serves as a guideline to ensure that your hourly wage aligns with industry standards, providing transparency in the compensation structure. While it offers a suggested pay rate, it is negotiable based on merit, and open communication with Buildforce is encouraged if you have concerns or wish to review your Recommended Pay.

πŸ“© The contractor sends out an offer when you apply for the job. You are able to see your recommended pay and set a start date when applying. Once the offer is sent out, you will have the opportunity to decline or accept an offer. Once the offer is accepted, you officially accept the pay and start date. It will not be changed.

πŸ•” We are open to reviewing your pay once you hit 500 hours on the same employment or project. Pay Raises will need to be approved by the contractor. Please note this is just a conversation, not a guarantee! Any other pay raises would require to be taken place pre-offer signed.

⚠️ Warning: Some contractors have their own pay raise approval process; for example, they only do pay raises in January and July.

What steps can you take to prepare for a pay raise conversation?

Here are some simple reminders:

  • Review your job offer before accepting

  • Show up and do the work

  • Communicate well and often with your point of contact

  • Be respectful and work well with others on any job site

  • Always follow safety requirements

  • Finish the job, and don't burn bridges

We also want to ensure that you don't burn bridges and always conduct yourself professionally. Buildforce Contractors will review your profile when deciding if they will offer you work, and they will remember names and TDLR numbers. Lastly, it's important to remember that when relationships end badly, it is very difficult for us to advocate on your behalf.

We want to get you to work year-round, and that can't happen if you are blacklisted by our contractors. 😱

How do we handle the next pay raise?

Pay is highly variable, depending on the type of project (industrial, commercial, or residential), the size and duration of the project, and the contractor. Additional factors include your attendance rates, communication skills, and quality of work. Maintaining a positive relationship with your contractor, your direct manager on-site, or Buildforce is key.

All pay raises will need to be discussed pre-offer approval. If you hit 500 hours on the same employment or project, we will be open to a discussion around pay, but it is not a guarantee. By following a systematic approach to setting pay rates and providing pay raises, we can establish fair, transparent, and competitive compensation structures that help attract, retain, and motivate talented employees.

How do you request a review for pay?

Contact Your Buildforce Team through the 'Get Help' button located in your Buildforce app. Once you communicate with us, please give us some time to review with our contractors. We very much appreciate your patience as this process takes time.

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