Employment Verifications

Need help getting verification of your employment with Buildforce?

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Employment verification is the process of confirming an employee's past or current work history. Employment verification letters can be used when obtaining a loan or securing a place to live.

At Buildforce, we would happily provide employment verification letters on our letterhead or complete a pre-filled template required by a third-party agent. Check out the instructions below to request one.

What do we need?

To complete your request, please email the following information to support@buildforce.com

  • Your Name

  • Your Phone Number

  • An Email Address to send it to

  • Any Details you need us to note on the letter

Unless told otherwise, we will use our Buildforce letterhead to supply the employment verification. Please let us know if you need the pre-filled template completed by attaching it to your email request.

How long will it take?

We are committed to ⏰ 24-hour turnaround on your request during business hours.

If you need it quicker, please note URGENT in your email request, and we will do our best to get out to the parties involved as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience πŸ€—

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