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The Buildforce App now gives you the ability to search for jobs all throughout Texas. Learn more how to access this feature.

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The Buildforce App just got even better with our latest update. Now you can search for electrical jobs throughout the great state of Texas, giving you more control and flexibility in finding your next project.

This update reflects our commitment to empowering electricians like you. By expanding your job search options, you have more control over finding the perfect project that fits your skills and preferences.

How it works

  1. Open the Buildforce App and navigate to the "Find Jobs" tab.

  2. Look for the "Map View" toggle. This might be new depending on your app version – make sure you've updated to the latest release!

  3. Once you've switched to "Map View," you'll see electrical job postings available to you displayed across the entire state.

  4. You can always switch back to the list view by tapping on the "back" arrow.

Distance Transparency

Keep in mind that when you apply for a job located more than 30 miles from your home address, the contractor will be notified of this distance. This transparency helps ensure that Buildforce connects electricians with jobs that are realistically accessible.

We understand that sometimes travel might be necessary, but for most jobs, a reasonable commute is ideal.

Have additional questions?

Don't worry! Our Buildforce Support team is here to help! 🀩

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