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Common tool requirements for electricians

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Standard electrical tools πŸͺ› are essential for any job with Buildforce. It is highly recommended that each new employee brings the complete list of tools to their first day of work.

After assessing the type of job they may be working on, they can then evaluate if any of their tools could be more beneficial for their future days on the job site.
​Standard Electrical Tools include:

  • Diagonal Cutters

  • Wire Strippers

  • Cordless Drill

  • Linemans Pliers (Kleins)

  • Pen Tester

  • Nut Driver Set

  • Flashlight & Batteries

  • Sharp Knife

  • 25' Steel Tape Measure

  • Channel Locks

  • Allen Wrenches (1/4"-3/4")

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Tool Pouch

  • Nail Bag

  • Screwdriver Set

  • Hacksaw or Sawzall

  • Torpedo Level

  • Drill/Impact Driver

A Beginner's Guide to Using Electrical Tools

πŸ”§ Hand Tools

​Diagonal Cutters

Diagonal cutters are designed to be able to cut wires or nails flush to the surface. You can also use them to grab onto nails and remove them for a surface and strip insulation off of wire.

​Wire Stripper

Wire strippers are multi-purpose pliers for working with soft wire like copper or aluminum. They are used for cutting wire, removing insulation from wire, or bending wire! You'll use this tool to strip different-size wires.

Linesman's Pliers (Kleins)
Linesman's Pliers are heavy-duty pliers used for cutting, bending, and twisting wires as well as cutting cables and small bolts. They are also helpful for gripping and pulling wires out of small spaces.
​Check out some options here!

Pen Tester
A pen tester is a simple tool to check for the presence of electrical voltage in wires, outlets, circuit breakers, light fixtures, power cables, and more.
​Milwaukee has some great electrical testers!

Needle Nose Pliers
Needle nose pliers have small pointed tips that are ideal for gripping and bending wires, especially in tight spaces. They also have a built-in cutter for trimming wire!
​Click here to see some great options at Home Depot!

​Channel Locks
Channel locks are used as an adjustable anchor when you install conduit. Typically an 11-inch channel lock is a great one to start with because it will allow you to handle most conduit you are dealing with as an apprentice.
​Browse channel locks here!

​Allen Wrenches (1/4"-3/4") and Nut Driver Set
Allen Wrenches or Hex Keys are essential to have on hand when you need to tighten bolts.
​Check out this Nut Driver set and Hex Key tool set!
​Screwdriver Set
A nice screwdriver set will set you up for success when you need to install lights and other electrical components. There are screwdrivers with insulated handles designed for electricians to prevent possible electrical shock!
​Browse screwdriver sets here!
​Torpedo Level
A torpedo level is important when aligning conduit and fixtures and making sure plugs are straight!
​Check some out here!
​Sharp Knife
A sharp knife comes in handy for many reasons on the job site! From cutting wires and cables to stripping off insulation as well as cutting boxes that carry electrical equipment, every electrician should carry a pocket knife to complete their tool kit!
​25' Steel Tape Measure
Having a tape measure on hand is essential for following the blueprint measurements and complying with the NEC Code on all your installations. You will constantly be measuring your space and your materials to make sure everything fits correctly.
​You can find many options on Home Depot's website!

πŸ”‹ Power Tools

​Cordless Drill
A cordless drill is essential to be able to move around to different areas to drill holes and drive fasteners where needed without being connected to a power source.
​This is a great drill to have in your toolset!

​Impact Driver
A drill and an impact driver can be used interchangeably in many cases, but it is important to note that an impact driver is designed to drive screws into rigid materials like concrete or metal.
​Check out this Milwaukee impact driver!
​Hacksaw or Sawzall
​Hacksaws are small hand saws for cutting conduit that is metal or plastic.
​Sawzalls are used for cutting wood and metal and have the capacity to cut through harder and thicker materials.

⚑ Milwaukee and Klein Tools are ranked highly among electricians as two of the most popular and sought-after brands in the electrical world.

Offering the highest standards of quality, precision, and durability, they remain at the forefront of the industry. They are trusted and respected staples in the
electrical technology landscape.

πŸ”¦ Other Handy Items

Flashlight and Batteries: Don't forget a flashlight to make sure you can shine line on dark spaces such as electrical panels. It is best to purchase a lightweight and easy-to-hold flashlight with a bright and focused beam. You might also consider a headlamp to free up one hand!
​Browse Flashlights
​Tool Pouch: A nice tool pouch and a tool belt allow you to store tools while they are not in use!
​Browse Tool Pouches
​Nail Bag: Keep those stray nails and screws out of the way by keeping them in a secure nail bag.
​Browse Nail Bags

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